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Our talent agency specializes in booking high-level entertainment for a variety of occasions. From corporate gigs to private events and shows, we connect clients with top-tier performers who captivate and entertain audiences. With our extensive network of talented artists, we ensure unforgettable experiences tailored to the unique needs and preferences of each event. Trust us to bring the perfect blend of professionalism and excitement to your next gathering.


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Tina Bell, a vibrant and dynamic individual, was born and raised in the picturesque coastal town of Seaside, California. From an early age, she exhibited a profound passion for music and performing arts, setting the stage for a remarkable journey in the entertainment industry.

Tina's career trajectory took an exciting turn when she ventured into the world of professional backup dancing and singing. With her exceptional talent and boundless energy, she caught the attention of industry insiders and soon found herself touring with a well-known high-energy singer.

While her time on tour was exhilarating and formative, Tina's entrepreneurial spirit led her to explore new avenues within the music industry. Drawing upon her experiences and expertise, she co-owned a promotion company based in the vibrant Bay Area. Through this venture, she played a pivotal role in organizing and promoting musical artists.

Throughout her multifaceted career, Tina's keen ear for music has been a constant guiding force.

For Tina Bell, music and performing are not merely professions but integral facets of her identity and expression

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